Resistration Status/ Visa

Residence status called "Designated Activities."


There is a residence status called "Designated Activities" which allow you to stay in Japan for 3 to 6 months.
In most cases, this residence status does not allow you to work, but  you can look for a job at Hello Work for advice and job interviews.
There is some cases that you can work even if you have designated activities,  please check "DESIGNATION" form you will receive from the Immigration Bureau when you renew your residence status.Depending on your previous residence status  and the reason why you couldn't renew your former residence status, "Shikakugai Katsudokyoka" (permission to participate in activities beyond residence status) will be approved or not.

To foreigners whose residential status is about to be renewed.


Is there anyone whose residential status is such as "student," "Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services," etc., and is approaching the expiration date for renewal?
Even if you are not allowed to renew your status of residence, you may be allowed to stay in Japan by changing the residential status of "Designated Activities" based on the reason that you cannot return to your home country due to the suspension of flights for COVID-19.   

In this procedure, you must write a document called "Statement of Reason" about "reasons for staying in Japan" and "living expenses during your stay in Japan" in the Japanese language.
OIHF is supporting to prepare of these documents and also responding to issues of residential status.

If you have any questions about your residential status, please feel free to contact OIHF.*
We will also respond to other consultations, such as problems in your life.

* This information is intended for foreigners with residential status. If you are a staff of an organization/ Japanese language school that is accepting foreigners, please contact the Immigration Bureau directly for your inquiry.

About necessary procedures after quitting work or laid off


If you quit your job or are dismissed, you must submit the required documents for immigration within 14 days. Even if you are late for submission, be sure to complete the procedure. If you don't know how to fill out the required documents or how to submit them, please contact OIHF.


Anybody who wants to return to your home country due to the effects of COVID-19, but is having trouble returning home? If you are also worried that your visa is about to be updated, please consult OIHF. Consultation is free. Please contact us by TEL (098-942-9215), email (, and FB messenger of OIHF.